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A Surprising Birthday Gift

A Surprising Birthday Gift

My amazing birthday party!

By birthday tart:  a true fire hazard

I haven’t felt quite the same since three days before my 50th birthday. I feel like I’ve lost something.

You see, I have always held my preconceptions about my world and myself quite close to my heart.  In fact, that hold is a sensation around my heart and chest.   I know that our emotions are actually generated within our brain, but I believe they’re…

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Nine Reasons It’s Great to Turn 50

Nine Reasons It’s Great to Turn 50

Some people seem to be traumatized when they hit a big birthday.  Not me.  Though I loved the 40’s decade, I’m absolutely thrilled to be hitting 50 this week.  Why?

  • Wisdom/perspective – I was a pretty stupid young woman.  I worried about things that were unimportant, beyond my control, or just none of my business.  Things can still get under my skin but much less frequently and intensely.…

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