Positive Perspective

A Profound Good

I’ve made a lot of changes in the last few years, mainly in terms of trying to be more mindful. I think I’m driving more mindfully, sitting more mindfully, conversing with others more mindfully.   I simply do not spend as much time in the future or past I as I used to, and I’m so much more at peace.

But I’ve discovered (yet another) area of my life that I have been living somewhat mindlessly.…

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Setting the Internal Stage

Setting the Internal Stage

When I plan an event, I go to considerable effort to make sure I set the proper tone in terms of flow of events, the agenda, the menu, my dress, my energy level, what I will say, etc. The more important the event, the more time and effort that will go into planning that event.

In contrast, when I plan an important conversation with a loved one or colleague, I tend to plan the content but…

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