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Sovereign of My Delight, Hear My Complaining

Sovereign of My Delight, Hear My Complaining

- Thomas Morley

There’s nothing like a good bi*** session, especially when done in a gossip context. Sometimes I just need to go there and vent a little. I’m not proud of it, but it does serve a purpose besides making me feel better. Jonathan Haidt, author of A Righteous Mind, describes gossip as society’s way for keeping cheaters in line. So I’m basically just doing my civic duty.

But this blog…

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You Can’t Choose Your Family

You Can’t Choose Your Family

One of the reasons we love our friends so much is because the relationship is optional. Not working out? Bail. Or work it out. It’s your choice.

Not so much with the family. True, you can choose to distance yourself from your family and avoid contact, thereby mitigating the impact of toxic or unhealthy relationships. But they’re still your family regardless of how much you might try to ignore…

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